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In the first three blog posts, I covered typical questions, project methods, and useful tips for transitioning to S/4HANA. Now, my aim is to provide you with deeper insights into our consulting services. This post focuses on how our expertise and customised solutions can help you smoothly navigate a complex S/4HANA transformation.

The aim here is to show you how our consulting services can bring real value to your business, ensuring a seamless and successful migration to S/4HANA.

Range of services

Moving from SAP ECC to S/4HANA is a big challenge for many companies. In this blog series, we tackle key questions and effective strategies with the aim of helping you master this transition.

  1. Technical requirements: Our experts assist with meeting technical requirements, such as separating dual ABAP & JAVA stacks and Unicode conversion.
  2. Choosing a migration strategy: We help you decide between Brownfield, Bluefield, and Greenfield approaches based on your current setup and business goals.
  3. Operating models and Fiori strategy: We advise on different S/4HANA operating models and help develop a Fiori strategy that suits your needs.
  4. Preparatory projects and main project phases: Our approach includes preparatory projects and detailed phases for the main project, including pre-checks and compatibility tests.

Our comprehensive consulting offer includes:

Technical requirements

a.     Assessing and adjusting IT infrastructure, applications, and add-ons for S/4HANA compatibility.

b.    Support for seperating ABAP and JAVA stacks, Unicode conversion and EHP upgrades. 

c.     Advice on optimising systems for SAP HANA. 

2. Choosing a migration strategy

a.    Analysing and recommending a suitable migration strategy (Brownfield, Bluefield, Greenfield) based on your business objectives.

b.    Developing a customised migration plan.

3. Operating models and Fiori strategy:

a.    Helping you select and implement the right operating model for S/4HANA (Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid).

b.    Developing and implementing a Fiori strategy to enhance user experience.

c.    Conducting training sessions and workshops to help workers adapt to new systems and user interfaces.

4. Preparatory projects

a.    We consult, scope, and implement:

i.    BP conversion, i.e. Customer-Vendor Integration (CVI).

ii.    New General Ledger accounting.

iii.    Removing, cleaning up, or archiving old data.

b.    Pre-analysing readiness checks and executing “deep-dive workshops” to delve into the functionalities and processes with the aim of estimating the required effort, time, and activities more accurately. After attending these workshops, it may also become clear that certain activities should be included in an initial project plan.

5. Main project phases (Brownfield example):

a.     Preparation phase: This phase involves a thorough analysis of current systems, processes, and applications to develop a comprehensive understanding for project planning.

b.    Project planning and organisation: Based on the analysis findings, a detailed project plan is developed, outlining essential activities, milestones, and resources.

c.    Implementation phase: This phase involves the actual implementation of the S/4HANA system, including the customisation or development of custom code, system adjustments as per requirements, and conducting test migrations.

d.    Testing and cutover phase: This phase focuses on conducting migration tests to ensure all processes are functioning as they should be. It also prepares for the transition to the new system.

e.    Go-live and hypercare: After go-live, we provide support help resolve any issues to ensure a smooth transition and identify possibilities for further optimisation.

S/4HANA Introduction Workshop

If you haven’t yet started your journey towards S/4HANA transformation, we invite you to join our “S/4HANA Introduction Workshop”. This interactive session delves into the core differences between SAP ERP and S/4HANA, offering a comprehensive overview. We tackle key challenges, address common questions, and share best practices relevant to S/4HANA migration. You’ll also gain valuable insights and have the chance to discuss your company’s unique concerns and needs with our experts. This workshop provides a robust foundation for making informed decisions and strategic planning regarding your future with S/4HANA.

Further information

For more detailed information about our services and a comprehensive overview of our project methodology (especially for Brownfield and Greenfield approaches), please visit our website. You can explore extensive details of our project experiences at https://rb-omnishore.de/projekte/ and specific insights into our strategies and approaches to S/4HANA transformation at https://rb-omnishore.de/sap-s-4hana-transformation/.

Project reference

What’s more, we’d like to highlight a project that illustrates how transformation from ECC to S/4HANA can be a real success. Visit https://rb-omnishore.de/2023/11/13/erfolgreiche-ecc-transformation-zu-s-4hana/ for a detailed case study, which not only outlines challenges and solutions but also showcases the achievements and added value for our client. This example demonstrates our expertise in managing complex SAP projects and shows how we can assist your company in achieving a seamless and effective transition to S/4HANA.

Our goal is to support you throughout your S/4HANA transformation journey. With our specialised consulting services and expertise, we ensure that your migration is both smooth and efficient.


Interested in learning more about S/4HANA Transformation? Get in touch with us to find out more.


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