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RBOmnishore – Your SAP service provider

SAP systems demand expertise from professionals who deeply understand the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements. While other IT service providers might perceive this as a challenge, we embrace it as a true passion. Our team is composed of specialists who not only possess extensive knowledge of the SAP landscape but also actively stay abreast of the latest technology and best practices, ensuring we meet the evolving requirements of our customers.

Stefan Oltmanns

Stefan Oltmanns

Managing Director

“At RBOmnishore, we aspire to provide our customers with comprehensive expertise that is delivered both seamlessly and swiftly. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to develop and implement the most effective solutions.

We are proud to offer authentic, transparent, and expert consulting. For us, consulting means understanding customer needs, creating realistic implementation scenarios, and executing projects in partnership with our clients – all with the end goal in mind.”

Cengiz Varol

Cengiz Varol

Managing Director

“Our industry focus began in the retail sector, which remains our core area. However, successful projects with medium-sized businesses have drawn us into other industries, where we aim to expand and develop our expertise in the coming years.

Our evolution and commitment reflect our ongoing efforts to create innovative solutions, providing our medium-sized business clients with first-class SAP consulting services.”

Full-service provider

As a full-service provider, we bring extensive expertise to implementation and migration projects. Our portfolio includes a wide range of specialised services, including S/4HANA consulting, customized SAP Omnichannel solutions for the retail sector, advanced SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management), SAP CCO (Customer Checkout), and innovative cloud services via SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

We are dedicated to providing optimal consulting services for our clients, ranging from medium-sized enterprises to smaller businesses. For smaller companies in particular, we offer specialised expertise in SAP Business One (B1) SAP Omnichannel solutions – tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of these companies.

Our aim is to provide tailor-made and future-proof SAP solutions for every company, regardless of its size or industry. By combining industry-specific knowledge, technological expertise, and a deep understanding of our clients’ business processes, we create value and support them in successfully navigating the digital landscape, fostering growth.

Our philosophy

At RBOmnishore, we pride ourselves on providing authentic, transparent, and expert consulting. Customer needs are at the heart of what we do, and we strive to achieve realistic project implementations through close collaboration with our clients.

RBOmnishore started out in the retail sector. Our journey began by establishing successful partnerships with medium-sized clients, sparking the ongoing expansion of our expertise in SAP S/4 and CAR implementation. Our extensive knowledge spans across all process areas, allowing RBOmnishore to offer a broad range of project expertise for retail and other industries.

RBOmnishore boasts expert teams specialising in diverse SAP fields, including Planning & Forecasting, EWM, Cloud Services, BTP, Integration, and more. This means we can offer our retail customers comprehensive consulting services as a full-service provider.

Beyond our expertise in SAP S/4, RBOmnishore proudly holds partnerships as an SAP Business One and SAP Customer-Checkout partner. For SAP ERP Midsize Solution and SAP Point of Sale (POS), we deliver end-to-end support services – this encompasses everything from selecting the right software to seamless project implementation and ongoing support.

RBOmnishore has created exclusive add-on solutions, including the SAP BOne solution designed for service and consulting firms. As part of the SAP Customer-Checkout solution, the company offers features such as a centralised configuration cockpit, automated tax refunds, and a customisable customer display.

Working with SME customers has transformed RBOmnishore from a dedicated SAP S/4 consulting firm into an SAP consultancy catering to the midsize sector.

RBOmnishore has formed a specialised team with expertise in implementation projects and industry solutions. This includes the development of customised SAP BOne solutions, designed specifically for service providers and consulting firms.

RBOmnishore has a strong POS team that has not only carried out numerous successful implementation projects, but has also developed add-ons. These support customer requirements, including a central configuration cockpit, automatic tax refund, and a configurable customer display.

RBOmnishore's long-term goal is to provide customers with optimal, comprehensive expertise in one place. Together with clients, we aim to develop and swiftly implement the highly effective solutions for cloud core applications.