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SAP industry solution – Retail

Digitising and streamlining processes are essential for boosting performance and efficiency within almost every sector. However, it’s crucial to tailor these efforts to meet the specific requirements of each industry.

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Challenges in the retail sector

The retail sector is currently facing a range of challenges driven by both global trends and industry-specific factors.

Key challenges include:

  1. Digital transformation and e-commerce: The growing trend towards online shopping is making necessary for traditional retailers to strengthen their digital channels. The integration of online and offline experiences (omnichannel strategy) is becoming more and more important.
  2. Changing consumer behaviour: Customers are seeking personalised, convenient shopping experiences. They expect fast deliveries, easy returns, and highly individualised products and services.
  3. Supply chain management: Global disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or political tensions, have a great impact on supply chains. This means flexibility and resilience in supply chain management are crucial.
  4. Sustainability and ethical practices: The increasing emphasis on sustainable and ethically responsible business practices means retailers need to make adjustments to procurement, packaging, and overall operations.
  5. Technological innovations: Businesses face the challenge of incorporating new technologies like AI, big data, IoT (Internet of Things), and blockchains to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer experience.
  6. Data security and privacy: As digitisation advances, data security risks also grow. Companies must adhere to strict privacy regulations and secure their systems against cyber threats.
  7. Competition and price wars: Competition (especially from online platforms and discount providers) leads to harsh price competition and margin pressure.
  8. Regulatory requirements: Retailers must adapt to constantly changing regulations and laws – particularly challenging for internationally operating businesses.
  9. Personnel management: The shortage of qualified workers and the continuing need to train employees in new technologies and processes pose additional challenges.

Our services

With extensive experience in both retail and wholesale sectors, we offer customised SAP solutions designed to drive your business forward, supported by our industry-specific expertise.

Omnichannel strategy and integration:

  • Consulting for and implementing omnichannel solutions.
  • Integrating online, offline, and mobile sales channels.

Digitalisation consulting:

  • Developing and implementing robust digital solutions.
  • Integrating e-commerce platforms and POS systems with existing systems.

Supply chain management (SCM) solutions:

  • Implementing SCM software, including IoT solutions.
  • Automising and optimising supply chains.

Data management and analytics:

  • Big data solutions for data collection, storage, and analysis.
  • Implementing business intelligence and analytics tools.

Cybersecurity and data protection:

  • Security audits and optimisation for IT systems.
  • Consulting for compliance with data protection regulations.

Cloud migration and management:

  • Expert consultation and support for smooth migration to cloud-based solutions.
  • Managing and optimising cloud infrastructure.

Mobile technology solutions:

  • Developing and implementing mobile applications.
  • Optimising existing apps for improved performance and user experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation:

  • Implementing AI solutions for personalised customer experiences and predictive models.
  • Automating routine tasks through intelligent systems.

Technical training:

  • Training programmes for employees regarding new technologies and systems.
  • Workshops and courses for skill development.

Our solutions

Equipped with years of experience in the retail and wholesale sectors, we offer customised SAP solutions that propel your business forward, coupled with industry-specific expertise.

Implement and integrate targeted SAP solutions, including:

  • SAP S/4HANA for Retail and SAP for Fashion Vertical Business
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • SAP Customer Checkout
  • SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)
    • Order Management and Sourcing Availability 
    • Unified Damand Forecasting
    • Promotion Management
    • Omnichannel Promotion Pricing
  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (SAP F&R)
  • SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • SAP Customer Activity Repository Applications Bundle (CARAB)
  • SAP Predictive Planning & Inventory Orchestration
  • SAP Order Management Foundation
  • Retail Store Applications
  • Intelligent Returns Management
  • SAP Business One

Choose from a range of third-party solutions and add-ons:

  • Developing and implementing custom solutions, e.g. through SAP BTP
  • Integrating components to create a comprehensive industry-specific solution
  • GDPR-compliant solutions

Predictive Planning &
Inventory Orchestration

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”Shaping the future, ensuring success – with our SAP expertise at your side.”

  1. Efficient SAP implementation with industry and technological expertise: We ensure all industry-specific requirements are addressed.
  2. Adapt your SAP system for dynamic market demands: We provide an agile and flexible SAP system that proactively adjusts to evolving market conditions, enabling quick responses.
  3. Future-oriented consulting to propel growth and innovation: We work together with you to craft individual solutions geared towards long-term business success and future challenges.
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