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SAP Customer Checkout

In this digital age, customer demands continue to grow in the areas of retail and gastronomy. Customers expect to be able to use loyalty points, discounts, and vouchers with ease, as well as smartphone and bonus point payment.

Kai Heinricy

“We boast a skilled team of POS consultants working closely with ERP process experts. This partnership strengthens our deep understanding of technical integration and integration procedures, allowing for successful integration into backend processes. 

Our motto: seamlessly connected – from the POS to the core business.“

SAP Customer Checkout

A flexible, scalable, all-in-one solution

SAP Customer Checkout is a versatile point-of-sale (POS) solution designed for integration with ERP systems or standalone use. It caters to various industries, offering checkout functions alongside comprehensive loyalty and voucher solutions.

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, this POS solution offers the following:

  • Flexibility: The checkout system should be capable of adapting to changing requirements.
  • Scalability: It should be easy to expand or adjust.
  • Streamlined management for efficient control of sales processes.

We recognise the importance of efficient and reliable technology in retail – so your company can stay profitable and ensure an optimal customer experience. That’s why we strive to deliver our best.

Therefore, RBOmnishore provides a comprehensive service package for POS solutions. From introducing your system to providing support and optimising every step, we ensure you have a reliable partner by your side throughout the process.

RBOmnishore has developed a full-service SAP CCO POS system to meet your requirements, offering small- and medium-sized enterprises a modern and efficient solution.

Overview of functions

CCO functions

Import article master data

Import price conditions

Import discounts

Import special offers

Retrieve customer orders

Retrieve invoices

Retrieve prepayments

Retrieve customers

Customer import

Use loyalty programme 

Use gift cards

CI connection

SAP CAR › CI connection

Manual/automatic discounts

Coupon discounts

Storage assignment

Note assistant

Stock overview

Batches and serial numbers

Cash, card, voucher, bonus point payment

Offline functionality

Parking receipts

Self-Checkout Ready

Hospitality (CCO function)

Aisle selection

Ordering with mobile devices

Merge/split tables

Quick table (To Go function)

Ordering printing in bars/kitchens

Transfer tables to waitstaff

Split invoices

Pager function

CCO-M functions

Authorisation management

Password management

Central job management

Communication configuration with external systems

Monitoring (internal/external interfaces)

Monitoring/sales reports

Documents (incl. detailed content)

DSFINV-K export

Hospitality mode (table configuration)

Cash register/cashier-based cash management

Customer management

Article and price management

Central software distribution tool

Time capturing

Migration management

Central SQL statement distribution tool

Foreign currencies

Centralised touch layout configuration

Card/cash/gift card/bonus programme

Variant, set, single, generic articles

Central management tool for gift cards

Central management tool for coupons

Central management tool for loyalty schemes

Email receipt dispatch

Table order

Mobile order

Data protection compliance

Topology example

ERP integration

If desired, data handling and disposal can be integrated into an ERP system, or the data can be manually loaded into or maintained within the central component (CCO-M).


All components are installed on the POS PC, meaning several cash registers (hardware) with CCO and the central component (CCO-M) are installed on a PC. Ideal for smaller setups (with few POS systems).


The central component is installed on the central server and just the POS application is installed on the individual POS PCs. Ideal for larger setups (several branches/many POS systems).


Similar to Bigger-Big, except the central CCO-M component operates in the cloud.

SAP CCO – technical components


SAP Customer Checkout is installed on your POS systems. It provides interfaces for sales transactions, cash deposits and withdrawals, daily closures, cash reconciliation, and more, including customer loyalty and voucher processing – essentially, the complete set of functionalities. You also have the flexibility to configure functions locally and individually.


SAP Customer Checkout Manager serves as the central configuration tool for tasks such as data import/distribution to individual cash registers (items, prices, bonus system information, vouchers, etc.). It also functions as the central component for configuring individual cash registers and managing loyalty and voucher processes.


The Intercompany Manager, an extension of CCOM, is deployed exclusively for managing bonus programmes or gift cards/coupons across multiple countries.

Our services

  • Implementation, configuration, and customisation of SAP POS systems: We ensure the smooth introduction of SAP POS systems that meet your individual requirements.
  • Integration of SAP Customer Checkout, e.g.: 
    • ERP integration: Seamless integration of SAP Customer Checkout into external ERP systems, as well as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business One.
    • Mobile payment solutions: Incorporate mobile and contactless payment methods into cash register systems to meet current market demands.
    • E-commerce integration: Implement e-commerce integrations with ease to optimise online and offline sales for omnichannel retailers.
  • Customer engagement and loyalty programmes: Develop or integrate solutions for customer engagement and loyalty programs to reward customers for repeat purchases.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements: Ensure that your solutions comply with legal requirements and regulations in the retail sector.
  • Full-service support and rollout: Comprehensive support for efficient implementation and rollout.
  • Hardware procurement: Sourcing and acquiring a range of hardware, including PCs, scanners, printers, cash drawers, terminals, and other essential equipment.
  • Multi-tiered support: First, second, and third-level support available.
  • Training and support: We offer employee training and ongoing support.
  • Customised developments: Development of customised POS solutions using plugins.
  • Acquisition of SAP licences: We are an SAP licence partner.

Our specialised full-service SAP solutions ensure your POS systems work smoothly, enhancing the overall retail customer experience.


Extensions for CCO and CCOM are developed in different ways. CCO follows a plugin concept, whereas CCO-M utilises SOAP, UL and REST API interfaces.

SOAP web service

Plugins (JAVA)
GUI (Javascript)
Documents (XSL/FTL)

The benefits

  • Modern cloud-based solutions (subscription model): We offer modern cloud-based solutions on a subscription basis to increase your flexibility.
  • Flexible scalability: Regardless of whether you need one or hundreds of POS systems, our solutions adapt to your requirements.
  • Integration with ERP systems: Our POS systems can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business One, or other ERP systems.
  • Smooth integration of other SAP modules: Other modules such as finance, inventory management, and sales can be integrated with ease.
  • Industry-specific user interfaces: We offer optimised user interfaces tailored to various industries, including retail, hospitality, sports, and entertainment.
  • Compatibility with POS devices: Our versatile solutions can run on any POS device.
  • User and authorisation system: Our systems offer a sophisticated user and authorisation system for precise control.
  • DSGVO compliance: We ensure GDPR-compliant management of customer profiles.
  • Simple device integration: Connecting card terminals, printers, and accessories can be connected effortlessly.
  • Strong partnerships: We maintain important partnerships with VR payment systems, efsta, Global Blue, SAP, and many others.

Our goal is to provide premium full-service SAP solutions for POS systems to ensure your business runs smoothly. With our expertise and experience, we help you optimise your processes to stay competitive in the market.

Even after implementation, we are available 24/7 to maintain and improve your SAP environment. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance services.

Benefit from our experience

Why choose us? We not only provide comprehensive full-service SAP POS systems and solutions, but we also offer a variety of additional benefits and services.

  • Comprehensive experience: Our extensive experience in international retail, wholesale, and hospitality allows us to understand and meet the unique requirements of these industries.
  • Customer orientation: Meeting demanding customer requirements is routine for us, and we strive to fulfill them.
  • Scalable solutions: As an IT service provider, we offer tailored solutions for small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Industry expertise: Specialising in SAP solutions, we understand the specific requirements and challenges of your industry.
  • Internationale rollouts: Whether you have one POS system or are planning a rollout in several countries, our experience and expertise in SAP are at your disposal.
  • Reliability: We are committed to understanding your business requirements and providing you with suitable solutions.

Ultimately, we not only offer premium full-service SAP solutions for POS systems but also a partnership tailored to your specific requirements, helping you elevate your business to the next level.

Questions about our full-service SAP POS systems? Want to find out more about our services?
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