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Agile and future-forward companies face the challenge of finding intelligent solutions for the constantly evolving IT landscape. While digital transformation, cloud applications, business analytics, and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning offer numerous opportunities, they also demand a strategic and contemplative approach.

Adem Kandemir

“We specialise in developing innovative enhancements and add-ons for SAP S/4HANA on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This ensures the future resilience of our clients’ ideas.

Our motto: Connect, optimise, grow – your journey with SAP BTP.”

Cloud Services &

Key questions for your company's future

  • Which cloud services and innovations bring value to your company?
  • Which systems and data should be integrated?
  • Which existing services are already available?
  • Which processes, functions, or big data applications should be developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

With our consulting services, we help you address these questions. Hand in hand, we collaborate to develop customised solutions, shaping the future of your company.

Our SAP BTP solution approach

In this dynamic environment, companies are constantly facing new challenges. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) can help you overcome these obstacles. Here are some areas where BTP can support you:

  • Clean core strategy: Navigating the future of ‘clean core’ in your SAP landscape demands a thorough grasp of the tools and resources within the BTP toolbox. We guide you in selecting and implementing these tools, facilitating discussions about their impact on your IT organisation and support offered by service providers.
  • Development outside SAP S/4HANA: The implementation of projects outside your SAP S/4 system can benefit from the Platform’s open technologies. These offer agility and flexibility, resulting in shorter development times.
  • Optimised user interfaces and apps: Creating user-friendly interfaces and apps is central to increasing user satisfaction and acceptance, ensuring modern and future-proof work practices.
  • Development of cloud applications: Using the SAP Cloud Platform and advanced development technologies such as Aligned Domain Models, Events, and APIs, modern cloud applications can be developed for your business.
  • Integration of SAP and non-SAP systems: The platform enables the seamless integration of SAP and non-SAP systems, applications, and data pools. This allows for the quick and easy implementation of new business models and requirements.
  • Development of AI applications: Implementing applications involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now within reach, providing you with a competitive advantage. We invite you to discuss its potential and applications within your business domains.
  • Using cloud services and standards: We support you in identifying and leveraging available cloud services and efficient standards to secure your competitive advantage and develop innovative services.

We are happy to help you explore these aspects further and discuss your individual needs. Let’s shape the future of your IT landscape together.

Our recommendation

  1. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is based on open technological standards and enables various cloud integration scenarios.
  2. BTP provides an ideal solution for seamlessly integrating applications into SAP S/4HANA environments and developing new applications.
  3. BTP facilitates the development of custom apps for businesses and the integration of portal functionalities.
  4. Future customer-specific adaptations will be developed on the BTP instead of the S/4 core. This approach aims to minimise operating costs and maximise the efficiency of standard solutions, such as S/4.
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