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Immerse yourself in the world of SAP transformation, whether it’s a Greenfield implementation or migration from ECC to S/4HANA. We support you at every step, from strategy to go-live, including maintenance and application management. Our experienced SAP team starts with a thorough analysis of your system landscape and business processes.

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“We work with you to develop a customised transformation strategy and roadmap that takes your individual business requirements into account.

Our motto: Transform with us – navigating the world of SAP together.”


Our services

Strategic planning: Evaluating and setting out optimal transformation strategies, accompanied by clear roadmaps.

Comprehensive transformation: Consulting, planning, and successful rollout of your SAP S/4HANA transformation.

Simplification and optimisation: Analysing and maximising your efficiency during the transition to SAP S/4HANA.

Process optimisation: Thorough evaluation of your business processes, including adjustments in the digital core with SAP standard solutions, cloud services, or tailored solutions in the Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Business case expertise: Professional support in developing business cases, from omnichannel strategies to optimised procurement processes.

IT skills training: Coaching your IT department to help them enable successful implementation and transformation.

S/4HANA Greenfield implementation


1. Define business goals: Clarifying specific goals and business processes to be supported by SAP.

1. Strategic objectives: Clarifying the strategic direction and business goals of the S/4HANA transformation.

2. Select products: Choosing suitable SAP products and modules, including industry-specific solutions.

2. Assess the current landscape: Analysing the existing SAP ERP landscape, including customisation and extensions.

3. Change management: Ensuring organisational readiness and effective change management for user acceptance.

3. Migration approach: Selecting between Greenfield, Brownfield, or a hybrid approach and their advantages and disadvantages.

4. Data management: Strategies for data migration, cleansing, and ensuring data quality.

4. Data management: Planning for data migration and required

5. Integration: Planning integration into the existing IT landscape and interface management.

5. Process adjustmentAdapting and optimising business processes for S/4HANA.

6. Customisation vs. standard: Balancing between individual adaptation and leveraging SAP standard functionalities.

6. Technical challenges: Managing technical challenges and infrastructure requirements (e.g. HANA database, cloud vs. on-premise).


7. Technology and infrastructure: Decisions regarding on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions, as well as technological requirements.

7. Testing and quality assurance: Ensuring system quality through comprehensive testing.

8. Project management: Defining project structure, methodology, and management.

8. Change management: Preparing and training employees, supporting cultural change.

9. Resources and skill sets: Planning internal and external resources and building SAP expertise.

9. Risk management: Identifying and minimising risks, ensuring compliance.

10. Budget and time planning: Defining the budget and timeframe for implementation.

10. Project management: Structuring the project and planning necessary resources.

11. Compliance and security: Addressing compliance requirements and implementing security concepts.

11. Budget and time planning: Establishing financial and temporal parameters.

12. Support and maintenance: Planning for post-implementation support and strategies for maintenance and updates.

12. Sustainable support: Ensuring ongoing operations and continuous improvement after migration.

These are only a few of the aspects relevant to your company.

What services do we offer to address these issues?

Project methodology: Brownfield approach

  1. Preparation and optimisation: Conducting and analysing Readiness Checks, identifying opportunities for re-standardisation, and Quick Wins.
  2. System preparation and data management: Cleanup, archiving, and sandbox migration for optimal data transfer.
  3. Integrated test scenarios: Developing and testing scenarios for seamless system integration.
  4. Smooth transition: Creating a cutover plan, keeping IT, business units, external partners, and minimal downtime in mind.
  5. Training and skill building: Key-user and end-user training, as well as customised IT training.
  6. Migration execution: Professional implementation of the migration process.
  7. System deployment and support: Activation of the S/4HANA system and ongoing support.
  8. Customised optimisation: Implementation of additional optimisation measures (if necessary/desired).

Please note that each migration process is individually adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.

Brownfield approach

Project methodology: Greenfield approach

Whether you choose an Agile or Activate project methodology or a customised approach, we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Don’t have a project methodology of your own? Leverage our experience as we collaborate with you to devise the most effective approach for your project’s success. Activate is a good starting point.

Together, we will shape the path of your project and guide it to success.

  1. Phases and tasks: SAP Activate defines clear phases for the entire implementation cycle, from preparation and planning to production and operation.
  2. Methodology: A structured methodology is offered that includes established practices and standards, streamlining the implementation of SAP projects by allowing companies to leverage proven approaches.
  3. Roles and responsibilities: SAP Activate assigns clear roles and responsibilities to team members.
  4. Best practices: Methodology is based on established practices and experiences from previous SAP projects, allowing companies to leverage best practices in their implementation projects.
  5. Rapid deployment solutions (RDS): SAP Activate allows for the use of Rapid Deployment Solutions, pre-packaged solution bundles that accelerate implementation and reduce costs.
  6. Cloud-focused: Methodology is also geared towards cloud implementations and considers the specifics of cloud solutions, including Software as a-Service (SaaS) applications.
  7. Tools and templates: SAP Activate provides tools and templates that assist in project documentation, monitoring, and control.
  8. Agile elements: SAP Activate allows for the integration of agile methods.
Greenfield approach

Advantages of SAP S/4HANA in the cloud

  • More flexible and efficient than SAP ECC
  • Reduced costs and administration
  • Modern and powerful data model
  • Automation of repetitive processes
  • Faster processing of large volumes of data
  • Flexible subscription model with monthly billing
  • Real-time analytics using the in-memory database HANA
  • Can be implemented as part of an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid-cloud infrastructure
  • Integrated Global ATP and master data management at the core
  • More accurate forecasts thanks to AI and Machine Learning
  • Real-time accounting
  • Faster financial closing
  • Ability to integrate IIoT sensors for predictive analytics
  • User-friendly interface with SAP Fiori
  • No maintenance and deployment costs

Options: on-premise vs. cloud hosting

Not every customer is willing to store valuable corporate data in a foreign cloud. Even though modern cloud platforms are highly secure, for compliance reasons it may be best to host SAP S/4HANA in a dedicated environment.

On-premise (own servers):

  • Customers take on the management, maintenance, and software development themselves, including the HANA database.
  • Better fulfilment of compliance requirements.
  • More control, but also more responsibility.

Cloud (Software as a Service):

  • No customer maintenance required, as the software is provided as a service.
  • Higher flexibility and scalability.
  • Potential cost advantages, e.g. due to reduced administrative effort.

Choosing between on-premise and cloud depends on individual requirements. We offer personalised assessments tailored to your business and technical needs. Contact our expert team for further information.

We’re here to advise you.

Our SAP and project management experience

With our extensive expertise in international SAP and project management, we have an in-depth understanding of your precise requirements and challenges. Meeting customer needs, however demanding they are, is an integral part of our daily operations.

Services for all company sizes

Our range of services caters to businesses of all sizes, providing tailored solutions that seamlessly align with the unique needs of your company.

Unlock the advantages of our SAP expertise

Take advantage of our expertise and extensive experience in the SAP field. Let’s work together to find the right solutions for your business.

  • Customised SAP transformation: We offer customised solutions for Greenfield implementation and migration from ECC to S/4HANA.
  • Technical migration or creative freedom: Decide on your preferred approach, and we’ll support you along the way.
  • Efficiency and cloud integration: We optimise your transformation and integrate cloud services to make your business more agile.
  • Individual consideration: We take into account your unique requirements and offer customised solutions.
  • Guiding you step by step: We accompany you on your journey towards efficiency, employing established methods.
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