SAP Business One

Many CRM and ERP solutions can be overly complex and oversized for small companies and consultancies, leading to unnecessary costs and inefficient business processes. Our customisable SAP Business One solutions are designed to address these challenges, paving the way for sustainable success for small- and medium-sized enterprises while meeting future digital requirements.

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“As your SAP partner, we take care of system implementation, license sales, and ongoing operational support. We’re also continuing to develop a specialised industry solution for consulting firms and service providers.

Motto: Small- to medium-sized businesses, big opportunities – with SAP Business One by your side.”

SAP Business One

Our add-on for business consulting

Our SAP Business One solution features specially developed add-ons for management consulting. Using CRM and ERP allows you to streamline your work processes and significantly enhances your customer management.

Our integrated CRM module helps you maintain and improve customer relationships, while our ERP system boosts your efficiency with automated processes, precise data-capturing efforts, and comprehensive insights into your business figures.

The benefits of SAP Business One

  1. Automated time tracking and billing: Save time and minimise errors in time tracking and billing.
  2. One-stop application for company management: Use an integrated platform to efficiently manage your business processes.
  3. Cost savings with tailored solutions: Reduce unnecessary expenses through customised software that meets your requirements.
  4. Custom add-ons: Benefit from special features designed to support business consulting.
  5. Better decisions with real-time information: Gain real-time insights into your business data for more informed decision-making.
  6. ERP system specially designed for management consulting: Optimise your business processes and increase efficiency.
  7. Automation of accounting tasks: Minimise manual accounting work and reduce errors.
  8. Improved and accelerated financial transactions: Speed up financial transactions and enhance the accuracy of your accounting.
  9. Easy scalability for growing demands: Easily adapt software to keep pace with your company’s growth.
  10. Management of the entire customer lifecycle: Keep track of the entire customer lifecycle from beginning to end.
  11. All key customer data in one place: Centralise all relevant information about your customers for better support.
  12. Detailed reports and sales forecasts: Obtain detailed insights into your business and plan for future sales.
  13. Custom reports and dashboards with SAP Crystal: Customise reports to meet your individual requirements.
  14. Easy integration into existing systems: Seamlessly integrate software into your existing IT infrastructure and workflows.

With SAP Business One for business consulting, you benefit from a customised, efficient solution that optimises your workflow and promotes business success.

Benefits of our services

We’re here to assist you every step of the way – from consultation to the seamless integration of SAP Business One for business consulting. Explore some of our key services:

  • Integration into your current system environment: We guarantee a smooth integration into your existing systems, enhancing the efficiency of your organisational workflow.
  • Enhanced functionalities through custom add-ons: Our custom-built add-ons offer specialised functionalities tailored to the requirements of business consulting.
  • Deployment on your own servers or in the cloud: We offer you the flexibility to choose between local server deployment or cloud-based operation, based on your preferences and requirements.
  • Integration with SAP Business One SQL or HANA: We customise the integration for your preferred SAP Business One environment, be it SQL or HANA.
  • Configuration and customisation according to your requirements: Our experts configure and customise your software precisely to meet your requirements.
  • Full-service support and rollout: We offer comprehensive support and guide you from configuration to a successful rollout.
  • First- and second-level support: Quickly responding to questions and issues, our support team is available for first- and second-level support.
  • Training and support for your employees: We empower your team through comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring they can make optimal use of the software’s potential.
  • Purchasing SAP licences: We help you acquire SAP licenses to make sure you receive the right products for your needs.

Feel free to reach out to our SAP experts with any inquiries – we’re here to help.


From consultants for consultants

Efficient time tracking with SAP Business One

Thanks to SAP Business One, you can simplify control processes in business consulting with ease. Explore our time tracking and billing add-on for efficient time management and invoicing.

Key elements:

  • Simple and intuitive time tracking: Effortlessly log work hours through a user-friendly interface. Choose between manual entry or import from CSV files via an online platform.
  • Project-based time tracking: Allocate work hours directly to your projects for a clear and organised overview.
  • Efficient data management: Capture data in dedicated time windows for efficient processing by HR and relevant employees.
  • Precise documentation: Our time tracking module allows you to accurately document work hours, making invoicing easier and providing a clear overview of unbilled and cancelled hours.

Unlock the following benefits with our solution:

  • Overview of unbilled hours:  Keep track of outstanding invoices.
  • Alerts for cancelled hours: Easily spot cancelled hours in the invoice overview.
  • Time-recording overview: Gain clarity with a complete view of all recorded work hours.

Developed by consultants for consultants, our software makes processes more efficient and transparent in business consulting.

Efficient project management

Transparency, cost control, and project analysis

Elevate project efficiency and oversight with our SAP Business One project management module.

Key elements:

  • Project-specific invoicing: Generate invoices that reflect actual project costs, such as work hours and travel expenses, for precise cost management.
  • Project analysis tool: Analyse work hours per project, pinpointing the top-performing teams and employees within your business.
  • Time distribution analysis: Monitor the distribution of work hours to identify efficient periods, bottlenecks, or periods of work overload. This detailed analysis helps your recognise trends, uncovering areas for improvement.

Unlock the following benefits with our solution:

  • Track third-party services: Keep track of open invoices from external service providers.
  • Keep outgoing invoices in sight: Identify outstanding invoices for improved cash flow management.
  • Detailed project and employee analyses: Gain insights into project and employee performance.
  • Compare incomings and outgoings: Optimise your finances with precise comparisons of income and expenses.

Elevate project efficiency with our SAP Business One Project Management module, ensuring transparency and cost control.

Comprehensive support

for effective customer care, team management, and customised solutions

Our comprehensive solution features an integrated CRM function, allowing you to centrally manage all customer data and track and evaluate inquiries and proposals. This enhances transparency, allowing you to maximise your business potential.

  • Integrated CRM module: Centrally manage customer data and effectively track inquiries and proposals to optimise your customer management.

Discover streamlined team organisation with our efficient management feature. Set and manage fixed hourly and daily rates for seamless collaboration between internal and external team members.

  • Efficient team management: Organise specialists and teams with ease by setting and managing fixed hourly and daily rates.

Our solution stands out with unique add-ons developed for your company. Collaborate with our experienced development team to customise and seamlessly integrate these add-ons into your existing SAP Business One environment. 

  • Tailored solutions: From inventory management to financial accounting, our add-ons cover all essential aspects of your business.

Tailored solutions for your business

Every company is unique, and so are its IT and technology requirements. That’s why we offer add-ons that are specifically developed for your company – all within your SAP Business One system.

Our experienced development team works with you to understand your individual requirements and customise the add-ons accordingly. We will ensure they are seamlessly integrated into your existing SAP Business One environment.

Need any more features? From inventory management to order processing and financial accounting, we ensure that all essential aspects of your business are covered.

With our extensive experience in developing add-ons for SAP Business One, we have completed numerous successful projects, helping our customers optimise their business processes and increase their efficiency.

Have questions about our services or want to know more? We’re here to offer comprehensive advice. Get in touch to start the process.

What exactly are add-ons for SAP Business One?

SAP Business One add-ons are extensions specifically designed for the SAP Business One platform. They offer additional features and tailored solutions for your business. Developing add-ons for SAP Business One requires technical expertise and experience in SAP programming, and it’s essential that the add-ons are smoothly integrated into the existing SAP Business One environment so that they function as intended.

Creating such add-ons takes time, resources, and a precise analysis of your business requirements. Our SAP experts are ready to assist you in developing add-ons tailored to your business needs within your SAP Business One system. Ask us for guidance – we’re ready to help.

Benefit from our experience

We are proud to offer services that:

  1. Offer comprehensive solutions: From integrated CRM and team management modules to customised SAP Business One add-ons, we cover the entire spectrum.
  2. Improve efficiency and transparency: Our software optimises customer management, team administration, and cost control for projects, improving efficiency and transparency.
  3. Are tailored to customer requirements: We develop individual solutions specifically tailored to your company’s requirements, from inventory management to financial accounting.
  4. Bring in extensive expertise: Benefit from our wealth of experience in developing SAP Business One add-ons. We’ve successfully completed numerous projects, helping customers optimise business processes and boost efficiency.

We also offer SAP Business One in its basic version, with the option of implementing add-ons tailored to your business needs. 

As your dependable partner, we’re ready to support your company’s journey to success.

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